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The Re-Form School: Committing Crafting Crimes

What is a crafting criminal? One who doesn’t play by the rules! There are “Rules” in art and in craft – classes and education, doing things the ‘right’ way using the ‘right’ materials and techniques. Bowing to the formal, to the traditional. The Rules say there are Acceptable or Unacceptable outcomes – criteria to meet, judgement to be passed.

We, however, reject any Rule that causes someone to put off their creative endeavors because of self-doubt, lack of training, or lack of money to buy expensive materials. We have a vision that’s different from the norm. That’s partly what a criminal is – one whose vision is different from the norm. TRS seeks to expand the idea of what’s acceptable; to encourage people to try the new thing – or try doing the old thing in a new way. Instead of reforming the artist, let’s reform the idea of what is possible! Let’s give ourselves permission to be unconventionally creative.

The Re-Form School shares the explorations of adventurous, untraditonal crafters. Like you, we love to create, to make useful things, beautiful things, clever things. We love to experiment. Sometimes we’re solving a problem – how to fill an awkward corner? Or how to make a better adhesive from materials at hand? Sometimes we’re coming up with a clever solution, when the budget is tight or a product is unavailable or unsatisfactory. We explore the spaces between art and craft, between waste and treasure, between what works and what doesn’t. We enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of doing things ourselves, solving our own problems our own way, of being unconventionally clever and perhaps just a bit devious. We are so glad that we can share our ideas, inspirations, successes and failures with you and with other makers! And glad to see your explorations and creations as well!

The Re-Form School is a resource for tips, tricks, materials, and methods to help you move forward on that idea you’ve been thinking about. New ways to make new things. Ideas and explorations. Unique approaches from experts. Unconventional solutions. Support and motivation. At The Re-Form School, we search wide and dig deep, solving creative problems every day.

The Re-Form School is not an affiliate of any site or network, and is not paid to promote products or content.