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Your Daily Inspiration: The Tweet Beat

Beautiful and inspiring pieces from the crafters of Twitter

The Re-Form School has a new twitter account and it’s been such a pleasure to enjoy this little crafting community, people making absolutely beautiful things and supporting each other. It reminds me that your social media is exactly what you curate it to be. So here are some of the gorgeous tweets we’ve liked lately, to inspire you:

The Quilled Creations of @GermanistikArt

Quilled seahorse by @germanistikart

Inspiring Images from #womensart

Women’s art shared by #WOMENSART

Handprinting by Paper Lane Boutique

Handprinted postcards by Paper Lane Boutique

Fascinating Art Shared by My Modern Met

Sketchbook pages shared by My Modern Met

Paper Mache Box shared by Kashmir Box

There are so many more, but I have to stop somewhere. It’s a beautiful community that never fails to surprise, delight, and support, and I’m happy to have a daily window into it.

If there’s a twitter account we should be following, or a twitter crafter who we should know about, send a tweet and let us know!

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