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You know the jolt of happiness when you recognize your people? People who share your ideas, and expand on them and have fun with them, and send your thinking rocketing off in joyful new directions? That’s the jolt I felt when I came across this.

So I had to immediately learn more about Craftivism, which led to learning a bit about Betsy Greer who is credited with inventing the term. She is the author of Knitting For Good; A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stitch, and editor of Craftivism; the Art of Craft. She’s contributed to a number of other books as well.

“Craftivism is about healing ourselves as we make,
and then healing the world with our products.”

Betsy Greer
Samples of Greer’s “You Are So Very Beautiful” cross stitch project

I listened to a conversation between Greer and Vivian Liddell on Liddell’s Peachy Keen podcast. Greer’s project at the time of that recording was “You Are So Very Beautiful” – small cross stitch affirmative messages that she made and gave away. She thinks people may feel stupid when they look at a painting, but nobody feels stupid when they look at cross stitch. Like other crafts, it’s homey and domestic, and makes people feel good. Greer likes putting that out into the world.

Looking at our crafts, our art, our makings in this context is inspiring and encouraging. I’m happy, and thankful for Greer and the other women who contributed to this manifesto.

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