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So – “Decoy Gift Wrapping” Is A Thing? YES!

For birthdays or holidays, the kids in my family always thought it was great fun to wrap a small gift in a huge box. That’s about as far as our imagination took us.

Well! Recently I learned that people have gone well beyond my childhood limitations, taking gift wrapping to innovative extremes. Decoy wrapping is a fun way to add an extra level of enjoyment to giving and receiving gifts. It’s a chance for humor and creativity. And perhaps for mischief, using the wrap as a prank to disguise the gift – or make it obvious – or to make the unwrapping a huge or complex task. Another way to make new, shared, happy memories.

It can also sometimes be a way to avoid the use of products like commercial gift wrap, which these days is largely made of plastic. As well as for up-cycling and re-using things that might otherwise be headed for the landfills.

A beautifully decorated gift box
The gift box, which is also a gift!

I recently received a gift in this hand-made box which is itself a work of art, a beautiful thing that I plan to keep and display. The gift was musical, so she made the box to reflect that; and The Owl & The Pussycat is one of my favorite (also musical) poems, so the whole thing worked together so delightfully.

The box is made of scrap cardboard and household odds & ends. It has a magnetic closure. The maker even went to the lengths of learning the where and why of fret placement, so that would be accurate.

Decoupage delight!

The guitar top is a colorful decoupage picture of the owl and the cat at sea in their boat. It’s precisely designed and very pleasing to look at – makes me smile every time I see it!

This is absolutely a gift that keeps on giving!

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