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Halloween Decor

This little Halloween decoration was given to me as a gift. I thought it would be easy to make, but my first attempt wasn’t nearly this charming – its apparent simplicity is deceptive. So I decided to de-construct it, which turned out to be interesting and I thought I’d share it here.

The paper pumpkin is made of six identical strips of orange construction paper, all die-cut alike with floral patterns. Each piece is lined with a layer of orange tissue paper, which lets light shine through. The double-layer of paper and the glue that holds them together gives each strip some structure.

Each of the six orange sections is hole-punched and reinforced at the center top and bottom. The sections are held together with brads, topped with green paper to simulate the top and bottom of a pumpkin. Each piece of paper moves independently so it’s easy to separate them and pop a battery-powered tea light inside.

And voilá, a quick, bright, cheerful bit of fall decor!

My attempt to make something similar has so far not been successful – more to come on that!

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