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Happy Anniversary, TRS!

Just over a year ago, Erika and I decided to launch The Re-Form School. We wanted to inform and inspire other crafters and makers, and wanted an approach that was more practical, more creative, and more diverse than a lot of Insta-friendly 5-minute craft-type channels. We’ve interviewed inspirational crafters, debunked some crafting myths, and shared our favorite resources and inspirations.

While a LOT has happened since then, I’m really proud of everything that we’ve made and shared since then, and happy that Denise has joined the team.

And today, after planning to do something like this from the very beginning, we just published our first video tutorial over on YouTube. It’s not the BEST video tutorial we’ll ever make, but it’s the FIRST, so check it out!

(Further explanation and project breakdown in a future blog post)

We wish you the best and happiest mistakes on everything you undertake, and look forward to many more years of committing crafting crimes. Cheers!

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