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A Look at Paper Weaving


Plentiful, inexpensive, versatile, re-usable paper. What a wonderful, accessible material for so many arts and crafts. Sometimes it seems like everything that can be done with it, has been done. And then a wonderful new vista opens…

Here are some interesting ideas that may provide some inspiration.

Julie VonDer Vellen created these pieces using handcut 1/8″ strips of paper. She is interested in the interplay between emotion and memory. She uses paper and book arts to try to record and capture those transitions as they evolve.

Galen Gibson-Cornell has a professional and cultural fascination with cities. He collects what he calls the “urban skin” – flyers, posters etc. from cities around the world. These materials are woven, collaged, and otherwise transformed into colorful and complex pieces.

Lizzie Wells paints paper, then slices and weaves it in complex geometric designs. Inspired by nature, she combines techniques of weaving and color to create illusion of movement, shape, and direction.

So many other artists are doing exciting work using similar techniques and materials. A few of them are Jason Chen, Nikki Soppelsa, & David Samuel Stern, although this is not even the beginning of a complete list. Also, the internet offers tutorials on weaving traditional Scottish tartans and African kente cloth patterns in paper. Not to mention a host of great paper weaving craft ideas for kids and families.

The sky, it appears, is the limit! Imaginagion, cutting mats and X-acto blades at the ready? How fun!

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