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Seizing Inspiration -(or Being Seized…)

In a recent wandering stroll, we came across this wonderful place. Formerly a church, it is now a hotel. We went in, admired, looked at the art, and had a glass of wine in the bar.

I saw these there. (these pictures are enlarged from the internet…) They more than a meter tall. They appeared to be made of metal. Dramatic, organic, eye-catching. I liked them.

At home, I had a piece of dry wood, a small dead tree. (During the summer, someone had put the dying plant out on the street, & I’d taken it home thinking to save it. Alas, no – it died.) I liked the shape and texture of the wood, so I’d kept it. “I wonder…”

This little dead tree was waiting for its next life…

I set the tree in a base made of egg-carton paper clay, weighted with rocks for stability.

I sanded the ends of the branches to level them. I experimented with platforms to attach to the branches, for candles; and decided to make them with tissue-paper clay. When they were dry, I painted them black and glued them to the tops of the branches.

Here’s what it looks like now. I’m pleased! Real flame, or battery-powered candles, or – not pictured- a string of twinkle-lights.

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