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Mask Ideas – Just Because, and for Halloween

Recently I visited an old cathedral. I loved was how it’s ornamented everywhere with heads of people and animals gazing down from the heights. They’re wonderful!

I thought “I’d like to have beings tucked up in the high corners of my house, looking down like that…”

And now, of course, we have Halloween approaching too. So – masks…

I started looking online for masks to make, using materials around the house. I didn’t want to buy any special supplies. There are dozens of great options; projects for all ages – fun, satisfying, and with lots of room for creativity.

Here are some of my favorites. Each one uses a different construction technique and each can be adapted in any number of ways.

These are designed for decoration, but with the addition of eye holes they’d make great masks to wear!

Here is a picture of my first attempt, based on the DIY Paper Mache Fitted Mask Tutorial:

My learning from this first attempt? Be careful not ot press down on the aluminum foil mold when applying the paper machè. The pressure flattens the mold a bit, which makes the mask wider. Also, make bigger eye holes.

But I still like the look of it hanging on the wall, and it is comfortable to wear. More masks to come!

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