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Your Weekly Art and Inspiration: Cake!

Cat with cake

Today, cakes and confections are more than just delicious; many people are elevating them to works of art.

Recent years have seen an explosion of creativity in the world of cakes and confections, with people making desserts you never dreamed were possible.

Wedding cake by Lima Cakes

When you think about it, it’s really no surprise. Fondant has many of the same sculptural properties as clay, and, with care and experience, cakes, frostings, and sugar can be treated like any other art material.

Valentine’s Day chocolates by Joseph Schmidt

I think what surprises me most is the way people are undertaking these projects in their own kitchens, making art out of the simplest, oldest, most readily available materials like flour, sugar, water, butter…

Gingerbread Groot by food artist Caroline Eriksson

I love that people are getting so creative, and making time and space to explore the amazing world of art and sculptural food. Only… how could you ever eat it?

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